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What is Covid Access?
Who will use Covid Access?
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Covid Pass process
DLC-sponsored MIT IDs and Kerberos accounts
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What is Covid Access?

Covid Access is the administrative dashboard used by designated individuals in each school, department, lab, and center (DLC) to manage access to campus buildings for people using Covid Pass. Creating an allocation for a person in Covid Access permits that individual to use Covid Pass.

  • DLC access approvers use Covid Access to manage exterior doors designated as “Occupant Access Points” on this map.
  • MIT’s gatekeepers use the Physical Security dashboard (Genetec) to manage access to interior doors.
  • DLC access approvers must still create allocations using Covid Access for community members with an MIT account type of "affiliate" – neither staff nor student – in order for them to use Covid Pass. Current MIT students and staff are automatically able to use Covid Pass.

Who will use Covid Access?

To use Covid Access to manage building access for MIT community members, you must be designated as an access approver by your school, department, lab, or center. Covid Access is the administrative dashboard; community members use Covid Pass.

Getting started

Prerequisites for Covid Pass
All users of Covid Pass must have the following:

  • MIT Kerberos account and MIT ID (digital ID within MIT Atlas mobile, or physical card)
  • An allocation in Covid Access
    • Current MIT employees and students are automatically enabled to use Covid Pass
    • Affiliates must be granted access to Covid Pass through an allocation assigned by an authorized user of Covid Access

MIT Kerberos account and ID requirement
If the person you need to add in Covid Access does not have an MIT Kerberos account and an MIT ID, use the DLC Sponsored Account feature in Covid Access to initiate this process. Once their Kerberos account has been provisioned, you may create an allocation for them in Covid Access. See below for details.

Covid Pass process

MIT staff and students are added into to the Covid Pass system as part of their onboarding, and may access Community Access Points, marked on the map with a black dot, using their MIT ID, subject to each building's access schedule. Access to Occupant Access Points, marked with a blue dot, requires an allocation assigned by a Covid Access authorizer. Access to residential buildings is managed by Housing & Residential Services.

Community members with an MIT account type of "affiliate" – neither staff nor student – require an allocation from an authorized access approver in order to use Covid Pass.

Individuals who have been added into Covid Access by an access approver will receive an email outlining next steps and requirements, and providing a link to the Covid Pass application, which is available as a web application or within the MIT Atlas mobile app (iOS 13+Android 7+). The Covid Pass app enables the individual to view and complete requirements for accessing campus.

DLC-sponsored MIT IDs and Kerberos accounts

Individuals required to use Covid Pass who will not receive an MIT ID through student registration or employment processes may be issued an ID through the DLC-sponsored process in Covid Access. This may include vendors, suppliers, or students auditing a class.

To issue an MIT ID and initiate the Covid Pass enrollment process:

  • The Covid Access authorizer should select “+ New DLC Sponsored” to initiate the process to create an MIT ID number and a Kerberos account for these individuals (note there is a bulk upload option).
  • Once all of the relevant info is added into Covid Access (name, company, email, mailing address, etc.), the system will generate an email to the individuals explaining next steps for completing the Kerberos account registration process, including how to create a password as well as submit a photo for the MIT ID.
  • After the individual completes the account registration process, they may activate their digital MIT ID within the Atlas mobile app. If a physical ID card is required, the individual may use the "get a physical card" feature to print a card at a self-service kiosk on campus.

Allocation types

Allocations are organized into the following types:

  • Research allocations: Building access is managed by the access approver.
    • Lab-Based Research - Researchers who are part of a lab and report to a Principal Investigator.
    • Non-Laboratory Research - Researchers who conduct non-laboratory research and report to a Principal Investigator.
    • Core Facilities - Individuals who are part of the staff of designated core facilities and shared resources within a DLC.
  • Instruction and Administration - Individuals who need access to campus buildings for instructional, administrative, or operational needs (or who do not fit in the other categories). Building access is managed by the access approver.
  • Student/Resident - Residents including students, house teams, and any immediate family members living with them. Residential access is managed by the Division of Student Life; academic building access is determined by enrollment in classes with in-person sessions.
  • Vendor/Supplier - Only those DLC-sponsored vendors or suppliers who will have no close contact or high-risk interactions with others while inside campus buildings.

Additional allocation types exist to support certain MIT operational needs. These are typically assigned automatically and require no action on the part of a Covid Access administrator.

If you are experiencing technical issues with the Covid Access system or Covid Pass, email

Page updated 3/9/2022