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Touchdown Spaces on campus for students

What is Covid Pass?

Covid Pass is the application MIT community members use to complete requirements for entering the campus buildings they have been approved to access. A mobile version of Covid Pass is available in the MIT Atlas mobile app for iOS 13+ and Android 7+.

Who will use Covid Pass?

Individuals with an MIT ID and Kerberos account (MIT username) may use Covid Pass.

  • Prior to August 2, 2021, use of Covid Pass by individuals approved to work on campus required approval by an an authorized access approver.
  • Beginning August 2, 2021, all current MIT staff members will automatically be able to use Covid Pass.
  • Beginning August 9, 2021, all current MIT students will automatically be able to use Covid Pass.
  • Community members with an MIT account type of "affiliate" – neither staff nor student – require approval by an authorized access approver in order to use Covid Pass.

Student access to residences is managed by the Division of Student Life. If you are living on campus and you or a family member needs to be added to the Covid Pass system, contact the Division of Student Life:

Note for Resident Spouses/Partners/Dependents: To receive access to Covid Pass, you will need to obtain an MIT ID and Kerberos account. Once these are obtained, notify the appropriate email address listed above to have your family information updated in the Housing & Residential Services database, and be granted access to Covid Pass.

Getting started

  • Visit Acknowledge and agree to the conditions for campus access, and complete required training. Use a laptop or desktop computer; the training course is not mobile-friendly.
  • Get the MIT Atlas mobile app for iOS 13+ or Android 7+. The Covid Pass feature within the MIT Atlas mobile app is the easiest way to complete your daily attestation, receive updates about testing requirements and results, and check in to the MIT Medical testing location.

Note: If you don't have a device that supports the MIT Atlas mobile app, you can complete all of your Covid Pass requirements on the Covid Pass website at

What you need to know

  • Covid Pass will guide you through all requirements for accessing campus. Get the app, do what it says, and you'll maintain your campus access.
  • You must complete all specified requirements to get and maintain access to campus buildings, including your residence if you live on campus. This includes acknowledging and agreeing to conditions, completing training, meeting MIT's vaccination requirement, submitting a daily health attestation, and regular COVID-19 testing.
  • You do not need to wait for your COVID-19 test result in order to access campus. You may test on the day you need to be on campus.
  • Complete your health attestation each day you will be on campus, at least 30 minutes before you plan to access an MIT building, or at least 30 minutes before your current attestation expires. Whether you use the web application or the mobile app, it can take a half hour before your MIT ID card will allow you access to an MIT building. Your daily pass expires after 24 hours. Campus residents: Complete your attestation every day you are present on campus, whether or not you access a building other than your residence.
  • The application will send you notifications about your testing status. These messages (email and mobile push) remind you when you need to be retested.
  • Conditions may change. Covid Pass will indicate if you need to complete any new requirements.
  • Enter buildings using your MIT ID card via access points shown on this map. All usual building exits remain available. Community Access Points, marked on the map with a black dot, may be accessed by any Covid Pass user with their MIT ID card, subject to each building's access schedule. Occupant Access Points, marked with a blue dot, may be accessed only by authorized building occupants.

For information and answers to frequently asked questions about Covid Pass medical testing, see COVID-19 testing procedures and requirements.

Touchdown Spaces on campus for students

The Spaces application is not currently being used to manage and reserve "touchdown spaces" on campus. However, the Barker Library (10-500) continues to be available 24/7 for students and/or campus residents. Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Students who need a small and quiet private area with a desk can reserve one of the quiet spaces in E17. To reserve, email

If you are experiencing technical issues with Covid Pass or the Covid Access system, email

Page updated 7/30/2021