To safeguard the health and well-being of our community, MIT has established requirements for those who access campus. MIT created the Covid Pass application to help community members comply with all requirements. Covid Pass is available as a web application – – and within the MIT Atlas mobile app for iOS 13+ or Android 7+Covid Pass will guide you through all requirements. Get the app, follow what it says, and you'll maintain your access to campus.

Important announcements about Independent Activities Period (IAP)

Guide to Accessing Campus

When returning to work on MIT’s campus, plan to follow some simple guidelines to help protect the wellbeing of our community.


  • Watch Returning to Campus: A Primer for Employees, a seven-minute video that helps orient staff returning to campus for the first time since the start of the pandemic.
  • Log in to Covid Pass at to get started. Note: Affiliate access to Covid Pass is managed by each area's access approver. If you are not an employee or student, you will receive an email with instructions once your access approver has granted you access to Covid Pass.
  • Provide proof of vaccination or have an approved exemption from MIT.
  • Complete forms and training. Use the Covid Pass website on your laptop or desktop to complete required forms and training if you haven’t done so already. Please note the training course is not mobile-friendly. 
  • Install the MIT Atlas App on your iOS 13+ or Android 7+ device. The Pass feature in the MIT Atlas mobile app is the easiest, most convenient way to complete your testing and attestation requirements.
  • Check your requirements status. Make sure you've completed your acknowledgement, training, and vaccination requirements before heading to campus. Open the MIT Atlas mobile app, tap "Pass" to access Covid Pass, and review your requirements.
  • Check your MIT ID card. Access-control card readers on campus have been replaced in the past year. Look at the back of your MIT ID card.
    • If you see the "MIT Charlie Inside" logo on the back, your card will work with card readers on campus.
    • If the Charlie logo is not present, your card may not work with card readers on campus. Contact the Atlas Service Center – or 617-253-3000 – to replace your card at no cost to you. You can have it mailed to you or arrange to pick it up at the Atlas Service Center on the first floor of E17.
  • Plan to bring a face covering with you to campus. Face coverings remain required indoors, with some exceptions.
  • Visit MIT Now regularly for the latest COVID-19 requirements and updates.


  • SHOW – Your MIT ID must be visible (e.g., on a lanyard) while on campus. Free lanyards and masks are available in Lobby 7.
  • TEST – Tap "Medical Test" in Covid Pass to see your options for testing. You may test on your first day back on campus, and you do not need to wait for your test result for building access. It is recommended that you choose observed training at least once before using the unobserved self-test kits.
  • ATTEST – After testing, complete your attestation in Covid Pass.
  • WAIT – Allow approximately 30 minutes after your attestation for building access to be processed.
  • MASK – MIT requires face coverings to be worn in all campus buildings regardless of your vaccination status, with a few exceptions.
  • TAP – You're ready! Tap your MIT ID at the reader at your building's access point, or any of the community access points on this map.
  • You will have access to campus spaces through most of the doors you used the last time you were on campus. Keep in mind that the security systems in your office or lab might have been upgraded. If you had a PIN for an alarm system in your area, it may have changed. Refer to your profile in the MIT Atlas mobile app for your new PIN.
  • This map shows building access points. Doors marked as "community" access points (black dots) are available to all Covid Pass users. Note that some buildings have time-restricted access. Doors marked as "occupant" access points (blue dots) are available to those with clearance from the building's gatekeeper/management.
  • Only one person should enter per card swipe. Do not hold doors for others while entering a building.


  • Complete an Attestation
    • Each day you plan to come to campus you must complete an attestation. Your attestation may take approximately 30 minutes to activate and is good for 24 hours. A general rule is to attest about 30 minutes before you need to access campus buildings. If you attest in the app that you are experiencing symptoms, stay at home and wait for MIT Medical to contact you. Do not come to campus if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.
    • Plan to test on a regular schedule, either the same day if you are required to test once per week, or on a regular cadence if you are required to test twice a Week. Covid Pass will tell you when your next test is due. If you don’t test for seven days, you will be required to test before being granted campus access.
    • Test results will be delivered via Covid Pass within 24 hours. If you test positive, MIT Medical will reach out to you to discuss next steps. Do not come to campus if you receive a positive test result.
  • Follow MIT Campus Policies
    • Use your MIT ID to access exterior and interior doors.
    • Be aware of mask policies (whatever your vaccination status).
    • Be smart, safe, and respectful.

Tips before coming to campus

  • Follow instructions in Covid Pass. Make sure you have completed the acknowledgement and the vaccination and training requirement. And install the app.
  • Pack your bag the night before, like it’s your first day of school.  Got your MIT ID, keys, cords and chargers, fully charged phone, extra face covering, sunglasses/hat, sweater/jacket, water bottle, snack? A+
  • Be sure to locate all the keys you may need to enter your work spaces and cabinets, as well as your MIT ID. If you need a lanyard, stop by Lobby 7 after you’ve tested.
  • Think about any cords, chargers, adapters, or equipment you may have brought home, and if you might need them to confirm what is – or isn’t – working at the office or lab.
  • Consider the weather: if you need to test on the day you are coming in, you may need to wait 10-30 minutes before you may tap into campus buildings. You may also prefer (and we highly recommend) taking snack breaks or meals outside, and campus has even more options for that now.
  • Coming to campus weekly? Once you are on your testing cadence, do your attestation and self-swab on test days at home as part of your routine after waking up, e.g., when you brush your teeth or drink your coffee. That extra habit means you’re all set to tap in when you arrive to campus, because that 10-30 min post-attestation pause already passed before your arrival.
  • Wear your most comfortable shoes. Trust us, those nice work shoes in the closet will see campus again but your feet need time to adjust to campus walks indoors and outdoors.
  • Bring another layer to wear: some buildings may be running with more air exchanges or have fewer people in them than before, which may (or may not) make the space you are in feel colder than expected.
  • Pack hand sanitizer? If you'd like, but you’ll find hallway dispensers of hand sanitizer throughout campus and bathroom sinks well cleaned for hand washing, thanks to our colleagues in MIT EHS and Custodial Services.
  • Why pack a snack? Not all campus retail dining locations are open yet; Dunkin and LaVerdes in Stratton Student Center (W20) are open now and ready for your take-away orders.
  • Leave yourself extra time to travel back and forth to campus the first couple of times you do it. If it’s been a while, not feeling rushed before that first meeting or last chat with a colleague goes a long way. Plus, you may want to explore a bit of our campus and Kendall Square neighborhood on a beautiful day!

Download these tips as a PDF.


Page updated 1/8/22