The following applications are used by MIT to manage processes relating to campus access during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Covid Pass: MIT community members who have been approved to access campus buildings use this application to complete one-time and daily requirements for entering campus buildings. A mobile version of Covid Pass is featured in the new MIT Atlas app for iOS and Android. To enable an individual to use Covid Pass and access campus buildings, an access approver must first create an allocation for the individual in the Covid Access system.

Covid Access: Designated individuals in each school, department, lab, and center (DLC) use this application to grant and manage access to the exterior doors of campus buildings. Creating an allocation for an individual in Covid Access enables that individual to use Covid Pass to fulfill access requirements, including the daily health attestation.

Covid Medical: Authorized MIT Medical personnel use this web application to manage the Covid Pass status of anyone who has reported symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19.

Covid Check-In: Authorized MIT Medical personnel use this web application to manage the check-in process at MIT's COVID-19 testing locations.

MIT Atlas: MIT's online gateway to administrative applications. Training required by the Covid Pass process is hosted in the Atlas online Learning Center.

MIT Atlas mobile app: Available for iOS 13+ and Android 7+, this app currently offers one feature: the mobile device version of Covid Pass. This app will be updated with new features to become the mobile companion to MIT Atlas.

C•Cure and Genetec: MIT's physical access control systems, used to grant and revoke card access to individuals, lock and unlock doors, and control elevator access. These systems are now integrated with the Covid Access and Covid Pass systems, so that an individual's building access depends upon successful completion of all MIT requirements. Access to interior doors continues to be managed directly by MIT "gatekeepers" using C•Cure and Genetec. A gatekeeper is a person in a DLC assigned by the department head or administrative officer to the role of granting and revoking card access, locking and unlocking doors, scheduling events, and controlling elevator access.

All applications listed here use Touchstone authentication, which requires an MIT Kerberos account and Duo two-factor authentication.

Page updated 9/24/2020