Covid Pass

Covid Pass is the application MIT community members use to remain current with COVID-related requirements and to report COVID-19 symptoms or a positive test result. Covid Pass is available in the MIT Atlas mobile app for iOS 13+ and Android 7+ or on the web at

Individuals with an MIT ID and Kerberos account (MIT username) may use Covid Pass after submitting an acknowledgement of terms and conditions. MIT students and staff are automatically enrolled in the Covid Pass system when they log in using Touchstone and submit their acknowledgement. Community members with an MIT account type of "affiliate" – neither staff nor student – are enrolled by an authorized access approver via the administrative dashboard.

Student access to residences is managed by the Division of Student Life. If you are living on campus and you or a family member needs to be added to the Covid Pass system, contact the Division of Student Life:

Note for Resident Spouses/Partners/Dependents: Once your family documentation is processed by Housing & Residential Services, you will receive an email with instructions to register your MIT Kerberos account and obtain your MIT ID card. Once you have those, you will be able to use Covid Pass to maintain your access to campus.

Getting started

  • Get the MIT Atlas mobile app for iOS 13+ or Android 7+ and log in using Touchstone. The Pass feature within the MIT Atlas mobile app is the easiest way to remain current with requirements and to access MIT's COVID-19 testing program for symptomatic individuals.
  • Acknowledge terms and conditions to proceed. Tap the Pass feature and follow the prompts.
  • Enable your digital MIT ID if you have not yet done so. Tap the MIT ID feature and follow the prompts. (Learn more about the digital MIT ID here.)
  • Enter buildings using your MIT ID (digital ID within the MIT Atlas mobile app, or with a physical ID card) via access points shown on this map.

Note: If you don't have a device that supports the MIT Atlas mobile app, use the Covid Pass website at

If you are experiencing technical issues with MIT Atlas mobile, Covid Pass, Tim Tickets, or the Covid Access system, email

Page updated 8/24/2022